Five Entrepreneurs Who Pivoted Their Way To Success \\ From

Most successful startups are the result of its founders' making pivots along the way, shifting the concept from where it started and continuing to evolve it as it grows. On the one hand, it's important to uphold a vision and work towards that, on the other hand, it's also important to keep eyes open for when an opportunity to pivot or re-shape that vision is more viable than the original concept itself.

We enjoyed this article on by Alison Coleman about five founders who found success as a result of pivoting their companies. Below are the lessons learned about the importance of pivoting, but be sure to read the entire piece on

Lesson 1: If you have a burning passion you have to follow it, however risky it may seem, and you have to adapt.

Lesson 2: If it doesn’t work change it. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Lesson 3: Be realistic about what can be achieved without a huge marketing budget. Changing the way in which people think about a whole (medical) sector is quite a big undertaking.

Lesson 4: As we pivoted to a Spotify promotion company, we didn’t get any enquiries, so we learned to slowly educate our customers on why our new service was better than the services other music promotion companies were currently offering.

Bill Glenn